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The holistic nature of spiritual life coaching encompasses the recognition and respect for the universal laws of consciousness and the interconnectedness of all things. When we understand these principles and how they impact our relationship and responsibility to ourselves and each other, we learn to become accountable for our thoughts, actions and choices on this journey through life.

We consciously choose to walk a path that is in harmony with all things.


Spiritual Life Coaching

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I support clients who are at various levels in their "awakening" process, seeking to live more consciously in all areas of their lives.

By uncovering how your unconscious thoughts, limiting beliefs, perceptions, patterns of behaviour and choices could be impacting your ability to live a balanced, fulfilling life, you can begin to...


  • Navigate the ebbs and flows of life with wisdom, strength and grace by  identifying and moving through the mire of those limiting beliefs, changing negative patterns of thought and behaviour that keep you feeling small and powerless. 

  • Reconnect with and trust in your own inherent wisdom so that you can step into your  empowerment and embody a more conscious, strength-based and heart-centered approach to life.

  • Manage your energetic frequency to create more balance, wellbeing, and joy in your life.

  • Understand and attune to the natural cycles and rhythms of nature to create more balanced living in all areas of your life.

  • Live in higher states of awareness with gratitude and grace.

  • Transform, transcend, and thrive!


For pricing on individual sessions and coaching packages,
please contact me for a FREE assessment and quote.

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