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Forest Therapy

Hiking in Forest
As a Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer and Certified Forest Therapy Guide, I integrate the healing power of nature into my practice through Forest Therapy to support clients in deepening their own connection and restoring balance on all levels.
Forest Therapy, also known as Forest Bathing is the Japanese art of
"Shinrin Yoku", translated as:
'taking in the forest air with all the senses'.

Backed by rigorous scientific studies beginning in 1984, forest therapy is a gentle, immersive, intentional, and meditative walk through the forest that has been found to reduce stress, boost immune function, as well as increase focus and productivity. The research shows that nature provides a preventative boost to our immunity and is a prescription for many afflictions. It is a place where we find our “rest and relaxation’ state, providing a pathway to dis-ease prevention and healing.

The practice of writing “Green Prescriptions” for patients is increasing as more studies and proven benefits of Forest Therapy are becoming more widely known.
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Based on scientific evidence, some of the benefits of Forest Therapy include:



  • reduced stress

  • reduced blood pressure

  • increased heart rate variability

  • boosted immune system functioning

  •  improved mood

  • increased ability to focus

  • reduced impacts of ADD

  • accelerated healing

  •  increased energy level

  • improved sleep

"Roz led us on a beautiful and loving journey that facilitated an ease of connection to nature, which felt uplifting and nourishing. A soulful experience. It was amazing, start to finish!"
"This experience exceeded my expectations by far.
I felt so much more at peace at the end of the walk.
Roz is an outstanding leader and guide on this journey." 
"The sense of interconnectedness, the joy and the ease with which the walk flowed was truly a blessing and a gift. Roz guided us in such a gentle and loving way that I was able to more deeply experience my  connection to nature. Amazing!"
Book a private group or individual Forest Therapy Walk and immerse yourself in the beauty and wisdom of the forest.

Walks are 2.5 – 3 hrs. in length

Private Individual Walk $75
Private Group Walk (up to 8 participants) $50/person
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