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The Mother Tree is like the wise woman of the forest.  She is a central source of communication, protection, and sentience to everything around her.  She generously gives of herself, protecting, nurturing and healing by detecting what is needed for survival and adapting to the constantly changing environment.

Hers is the inherent wisdom of creation - love, life, death and rebirth. We all have the capacity to access this wisdom and become our own mother tree. 


Welcome to Mother Tree Wisdom

Are you in the midst of a significant transition in your life at this time and finding that some of your old approaches to dealing with change and uncertainty are not as effective as they used to be?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed and anxious during these times of unprecedented change and seeking tools and guidance to help make sense of it all?  

Would you like to become more trusting of your own inner knowing and live a life that is in rhythm and harmony with the intelligence and wisdom of the natural world - an intelligence that is part of who you are?

Have you been sensing a call from deep within, to awaken to something MORE?  

If are not alone.  More and more people are waking up to who they really are and seeking guidance on the journey back to the Path of the Heart, where clarity, wholeness and balance await their return.



My Name is Roz Espin, I am a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Spiritual Life Coaching, an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Certified Forest Therapy Guide.  

I love working with people to support them - wherever they are in their awakening journey - to live more conscious, intentional, compassionate and meaningful lives. 

My own healing journey and lived experiences that included countless, significant and often painful transitional life events, along with my 35+ years of personal development, collective experience and study in the areas of Spirituality, Mysticism, Energy Healing, Ancient Wisdom Principles, Tribal Teachings and Earth Mysteries; allows me to infuse these timeless teachings into powerful navigational tools for today’s world.

In my coaching, teaching and healing practices, I integrate all of these principles into a unique and empowering experience for clients, merging practical spirituality, intuitive guidance and conscious relationship with the natural world, healing the separation that continues to be the root of our dis-ease.


​​In addition, I bring over 25 years of experience in the corporate, non-profit and education sectors providing adult program development, training, mentoring and advisory roles in the areas of diversity, equity, social inclusion, intercultural competence development, emotional intelligence, transformational leadership, conscious communication and mindfulness.​​ For more information on my DEI services, visit:

Wet grass


Spiritual Life Coaching

Connect with your authentic self, tap into your inherent wisdom to overcome challenges preventing you from living a more joyful and meaningful life.



Remove energetic blocks and trapped emotions that are impeding your body's ability to self-regulate and balance and maintain a natural state of wellbeing.



Discover and cultivate the therapeutic and healing power of nature to decrease stress and align you to a more peaceful and joyful state of being.


“Motivating. Captivating. Informative. Beautiful. Roz was able to articulate information in a remarkably personable way, allowing it to resonate with everyone in the room. I walked out having so many "aha" moments and implementing her multiple techniques into my daily life!”

Urzula P.

"Thank you for you for sharing your magic with everyone. It was truly an honor to be in your presence. You are hands down the most amazing speaker I have seen! It is definitely your gift.”  
 Nicky B.
“Roz is a true blessing.  Engaging, funny, authentic, always willing to challenge my thinking. She has a wonderful way of making personal connections with others which immediately puts them at ease with her and each other."
     P. Mantha
Image by Adam Kring
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